Final Critique


time stamp 1:14- 2:08

For the section that I chose to review there was not a lot of music involved in the animations. The last one, I think that Kaz produced is the only one that included a music track so I’m going to focus on her video to address the question  about constructing a musical experience.

The music is triumphant which provides a silly tone to co-exist with the simple visual elements. Without the soundtrack to accompany the video it plays with a single beat with no sense of humor (except for the little dude at the end of the video).Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 9.41.59 AM

For the other videos the sound effects heavily changed my interpretation of the video. A circle that divides into smaller circles now becomes a glass ball that shatters through the inclusion of sound effects. It creates this new interpretation of this circle because it creates a sound that I reference to another object made from glass and not pixels.

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 9.44.05 AM

I want to say that the inclusion of these sound effects enhance the visuals but I don’t know if this is what McCloud had in mind when it came to “amplification through simplification”. I guess by using these simple elements, the sound effects are more believable than if these objects were rendered more realistically. if a circle bobs around the edges of the screen and has a sound effect of a “Booing” to interact with- I believe that it’s a ball. If it were a detailed drawing of a vase doing the same actions and is included with the same sound effect than it wouldn’t appear as if the two elements co-exist.


final Project+ Reflection

It was strange how this project was both easy and difficult. Once I got a basic grasp on animating through Photoshop I found it fairly easy to play around with my figures and sound/music. Creating a piece within the art form of abstraction is what I really struggled with. I have created a few abstract paintings before but it’s not an art form I’m passionate about. I always feel that I am leaving too much out and I’m not communicating with my audience the way I want to.

Most of my video animation is just examples of my experimentation with Photoshop- seeing ways I can play with very simple tools.

Sound credit goes to PatrickLieberkind

Now that I know how to animate I want to push forward and start dabbling in flash and even create a short animation over my winter break.

Animation video- youtube