Werewolf App: The Moon Tracker

The Moon Tracker app is designed specifically for werewolves to help them keep track of their next transformation. The moon tracker app provides a moon chart that dates the next full moon. It also provides alarms and notifications that allows the werewolf to stay alert for their next transformation. The Moon Tracker app also provides safety tips on having a transformation that causes the least amount of damage to the community as well as their self.

26153960-Werewolf--Stock-Vector-wolf-werewolf dect859-pgs8and9 desktop-hd-high-resolution-wolf-wallpaper Mexican_Wolf_2_yfb-edit_2 moon-phases-ACSSU115 Werewolf_transformation_2_by_tulwarr1-d4ltip8 werewolf_weds__7_10_13_by_viergacht-d6cw180


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