Dream Remix: Final


I constitute fair use of these various images because I’ve taken elements out of the original image and placed them into a new context. I used aspects of images from creative commons and manipulated other ones from google. The images that I manipulated from google search are the ones that are completely pulled out of their original context.

i.e, The whale tale is from an image where it’s swimming in an ocean. The pool is from an image of a luxury backyard. The woman is from a photo that’s created for reference drawing.

By combining all of these images I have created a completely new one.


One thought on “Dream Remix: Final

  1. Clear signs of photoshop experience, good use of color – overall tone creates a mysterious mood. The layers blend really nicely into one solid image. Narrative seems unclear, where are the indicators of the passing of time? The focal point keeps the eye centered and stagnant, not a lot of movement involved. The strongest contributions are definitely the realistic-dream like state. (The girl in the night gown, the overall darkness of the image, and the sense of wonder that the image creates.)


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