Exercise 2: Selection tool

There’s not much that I struggled with the selection tool. I already know how to use the tool, however I did learn a few things. Like how to take away from a selection with the option key.

-Command, shift, 4.  Screen capture while on the selection tool.

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 11.37.47 AM


“There are no such things as killer whales”

Kaitlynn found herself walking through a forest and she was frightened. She didn’t know where she was going and she began to panic more and more. Until a scream broke her thoughts. Kaitlynn began running towards the scream and discovered Savanah. She was precariously standing at the edge of a diving board that was just above a settled pool randomly built in the forest. It was covered with moss and rust. Kaitlynn surprised Savanah and she almost fell of the edge. “Why are you crying?” Kaitlynn asked Savanah. “There’s a killer whale in that pool, I can’t jump off!” Kaitlynn looked surprised as Savannah spoke these bizarre words. She couldn’t even get over the fact that there was a pool in the middle of the forest to begin with. “That’s crazy” Kaitlynn responded. “There are no such things as killer whales.” THE END.

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Dalarna, Ludvika, Säfsnäs, Dalarna, Miljöer-Insjömiljöer
Dalarna, Ludvika, Säfsnäs, Dalarna, Miljöer-Insjömiljöer

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Exercise 1: Waiting for Toast


I found it interesting that the imagery of a man sitting, looking at a toaster- either angrily or impatiently is what most of the class chose to draw for this exercise. My neighbors skewed from this and chose different ways of interpreting “waiting for bread to toast” and I’ll admit that I’m jealous of them. They were able to come at this project with a different approach than the rest of the class. I believe that the ability to create projects and ideas that differ from the ordinary/constructed is valuable in design.

How can I push my ideas outside of the box?